From understanding comes strength


In Drama, we enable our pupils to build skills, knowledge and understanding at Third/Fourth Level.  Activities may include devising, improvisation, role-play, voice, mime, dance/drama, script work, as well as production skills (lighting, sound, costume, make-up and hair, props, set design), directing and evaluating.  These activities are delivered in thematic units which concentrate on characterisation and production skills.  Some of these pieces of work will be presented to a target audience, including the 2nd year Expressive Arts performance evening.  The course is mainly practical; however, pupils will also keep a folio of written assessments and evaluations.

A variety of learning and teaching methodologies are employed in Drama.  Whole-class teaching will be used for sharing of information and exploring a dramatic situation and there is a large focus on group work.  Individual learning and research will also be undertaken in practical activities.  Evaluation is an integral part of the course, including a high level of self-evaluation; plus evaluating the work of others.

Formalised homework will be set as appropriate with other homework activities including learning scripts and developing characters.  Assessment is on-going in Drama, with a wide variety of evidence gathered.

All pupils have Drama in 1st and 2nd year. In 3rd year pupils make a choice to take Drama.


Broad General Education (1st to 3rd year)