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Banchory Academy

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Anti-Bullying Policy

Banchory Academy has developed a policy and a strategy to cope with bullying. Pupils are made aware of the school’s approach to bullying through social education, assemblies and work in their subject classes.

If there has been an incidence of bullying behaviour, in the first instance the school will follow a ‘no blame’ approach, with appropriate support and advice being provided for all those concerned. Where the problem persists, or a very serious incident takes place, firmer action may be required and disciplinary action may be necessary.


Every November, the school celebrates anti-bullying week into a series of lunchtime activities designed to get pupils from different year groups mixing a and having fun.

Confidential methods of passing on information about bullying are available and made known to pupils. There is a text number that can be used to report bullying incidents and a bully line box at reception.

Any parent who believes that her/his child is being bullied should contact the appropriate Guidance teacher or a member of the senior staff as quickly as possible.


Drugs Education

The school recognises that the problem of drugs is widespread in society and affects every community, large or small, urban or rural.

The school has a planned programme of drugs education for pupils in all years. Co-operative work is carried out with the Community Learning Service, the Police Schools Liaison Officer and with the Cluster primaries to promote awareness among young people and their parents.

The local authority has produced guidelines for headteachers who may have to deal with drug related incidents. These guidelines, while expressing the need to be supportive of any young person caught in possession of an illegal drug, emphasise the requirement to report the matter to the police and in all probability exclude the pupil from school.

In accordance with this policy, the Rector will report any pupil, under the influence of, in possession of, or suspected to be in possession of, an illegal drug to the Police

Expectations & Standards
Expectations & Standards