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Banchory Academy

From understanding comes strength

Expectations & Standards

Q. Is there a school uniform?

A. YES—We have a school uniform in Banchory Academy


Please view the following pages for details of the new uniform

New Uniform Details S1-S4

New Uniform Details S5

New Uniform Details S6


Q. What if I cannot afford the uniform?

A. You may apply for a grant towards uniform either direct to the Area Education Office or via the school.

Q. Where can I obtain the uniform?

A.The uniform can be purchased at the School Reception.

Promoting good behaviour

In general, behaviour in Banchory Academy is very good and serious incidents of misbehaviour are very rare.  The school’s policy on promoting good behaviour places strong emphasis on the development of a positive ethos.

We attempt to promote positive behaviour through setting consistent standards and expectations in every teaching area. These standards and expectations are set out in the Code for Success, which is displayed in each area, published in the homework diary and is regularly explained to pupils.

The vast majority of our pupils follow the codes carefully. Parents will be involved at an early point if it appears that a behavioural problem is developing. The pupil’s Guidance teacher, who will have monitored the pupil’s behaviour over a variety of classes, may convene a meeting.

In particularly complex situations the Rector may wish to convene a case conference involving the home, the school and appropriate outside agencies such as the Social Work Department and Psychological Services.

If a particularly serious incident of misbehaviour takes place, the Rector has the power to exclude a pupil from school.



Q. Is there a detention system?

A. YES, lunchtime detention may be organised when necessary to address serious or persistent misbehaviour.



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