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Woodland week 1 – Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Our first week in the woods was a wet one! We headed to our site at Corsee Wood after loading our minibus. Our first task was to put up the canopy to provide some shelter and then we did a group risk assessment so we knew which areas to stay away from and to familiarise ourselves with the new environment. We made a big camp fire to keep us warm and everyone set about learning about how to set up the camp area. It was too wet to do many activities outside of the canopy so pupils learned about all the different tools we use. After an introduction to knife skills the pupils tried it out by whittling a stick to a sharp point. We made hot drinks using the Kelly kettles and Lunch today was chicken wraps which we cooked on our skillet. A warm lunch was very welcome on such a wet day. After a small break in the weather pupils were able to use the different tools to cut dead wood for our wood pile. They used Laplanders, bow saws, loppers and secateurs. It was a really great start to our outdoor sessions and everyone did so well coping with such a bad weather day. Well done everyone.

Woodland week 2 - Wednesday 30th August

Pupils are now becoming more familiar with how to set up the woodland camp and everyone helped today. Our first task was to learn about safely lighting and extinguishing a fire. We discussed fire safety rules and did a demonstration of how to light a fire using the fire steels. Pupils collected dead wood in three thicknesses; matchstick, pencil and finger so that they could burn them in their own 5 minute fires. Everyone listened well and worked together to create a good bundle of sticks. It was good to see everyone having success and showing perseverance.

Today we built our toilet area as we had been unable to do this because of bad weather previously. We used our tools to lash fallen branches together and create a shelter area. It required a great deal of team work and effort and using some tools is very tiring but we managed to create a private and sheltered toilet area.

We cooked minestrone soup today which we had with crusty bread. We whittled a long stick so we could toast marshmallows. These were very much enjoyed along with some strawberries.

Woodland week 3 - Wednesday 6th September

Our focus today was being creative using natural materials. We made tea light holders by making natural paints and printing onto cotton material with a selection of interesting leaves and flowers.

Wednesday 13th September

We were learning more advanced knife skills today and we used these skills to whittle a gnome. We also started whittling a mushroom which requires more precision and patience. At all times we followed the knife safety rules, to keep ourselves and others safe. To develop our shelter building experience further we looked at different types of structures and thought about what makes them strong. Groups worked together to make mini shelters using the principles we had learned.

Wednesday 20th September

We worked in Clune Wood at Durris today on science activities. We did a study of the stream to see if it was polluted or clean by doing kick sampling. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at any bugs or creatures we found. Our results told us the stream was very clean. Our next activity was doing chromatography of leaves to separate the colours and study photosynthesis

Wednesday 27th September

We have started to think about the types of animals we might find in Scotland. We made a simple box that will hopefully capture the tracks of small animals. We used flour, a selection of nuts and seeds and a box. The box was camouflaged and left in place. Next week we hope to find some evidence of visitors.

We finished our wooden mushrooms and played tracking games. Today we talked about John Muir; who he was, what he is famous for and about the work that we will do to complete our John Muir Award.

Wednesday 4th October

Shelter building was our main focus of the morning. We worked in groups to develop and build on the skills we used last week. We discussed what worked and what needed improving. Both groups worked well as a team and we saw a real improvement.

We started natural pictures using leaves, grasses, flowers and other small items we found in the woods. It was exciting to look in the tracker box we hid last week. We were delighted to see we had loads of tiny visitors. There were footprints all over our flour floor and most of the food left was gone. We discussed native Scottish animals and looked at the squirrel feeders we will be putting up over the next few weeks.