From understanding comes strength


Forest School Friday Group

Friday 8th September

Today we were learning how to use different tools safely. We used them to build a shelter toilet in the woods. We completed our RSPB ‘Look Closer’ challenge by examining a natural object which we then drew and labelled.

Friday 15th September

Today was all about fire. We learned how to light and extinguish a five minute fire safely. We then used this skill to light the Kelly Kettles to make a hot drink. We learned about lighting a big fire in the fire pit. Everyone showed great perseverance and enjoyed success.

Friday 22nd September

We learned some basic knife skills today which we used to whittle long pieces of willow. We used these to toast marshmallows on our camp fire.

We thought about what we have learned previously when building shelters and used this knowledge to build mini shelters. They had to be able to withstand a bit of wind and be as waterproof as possible.

Friday 29th September

Our focus today was storytelling and responding to texts in different ways. Through our story we learned about the different types of animals that are native to Scotland and discussed habitats.

Friday 6th October

Today we looked at different types of fungi and discussed where they liked to grow. We are continuing to use all our senses to learn about and explore the natural environment. Our story book was the stimulus for talking further about habitats and we built a log pile for insects to live in. We had great fun playing the ‘Who am I’ animal game. By asking questions and getting only yes/no answers we guessed who we were and also learned about native Scottish animals.

Friday 1st September 2017

Our focus for outdoor learning today was ‘look closer’. We visited the new Bellfield Garden which is being created in the village to see how we could help. The wooden carvings were wonderful and we now have many ideas for what our group can do in the garden.

Last week we looked at all the different colours we can see in nature and we explored the natural environment around us. Today we built on this firstly by doing a mini treasure hunt. We collected as many small natural items as we could find and put them in our mini pots. Each item had to be different from each other; a blade of grass, a seed, a berry and so on. Up at Captains Wood we emptied out our pots and looked at all the things we found. Using our senses we described them and counted them.

We continued to use our senses by playing a tree blindfold game. Would we be able to identify which tree we had been feeling once our blindfolds were off? We enjoyed a variety of games and enjoyed playing outdoors and working together.