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S3 Pupils Investigate Life in the Trenches



S2 Slave Auctions

As part of the S3 History course, pupils learn about the life of a World War One soldier and his experiences in the trenches. In order for the pupils to more fully appreciate the horrific nature of life in the trenches, we took the opportunity to visit the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen, to attend a workshop specially designed for secondary schools. This workshop consisted of three stations, each one allowing the pupils to experience a different aspect of a soldier’s life, by providing then with the opportunity to hold and analyse primary sources.

During one of the workshops, pupils were able to sit in a reconstructed trench that accurately resembled a British trench, complete with the smell! The pupils were then given the chance to dress in the complete full dress uniform of a soldier belonging to the Gordon Highlanders regiment. The final workshop allowed the pupils to apply their analytical skills when examining artefacts that have survived trench warfare, examining how these artefacts inform our views and knowledge of life in the trenches.

The pupils, and staff, thoroughly enjoyed their experience and we would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff and volunteers of the Gordon Highlanders Museum for supplying us with the chance to use their facilities and education specialists to further our pupils learning experience.

Mr Johnston

History Department