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UKMT Maths Challenge  2013

Many congratulations to the UKMT Maths Challenge winners.

120 pupils from S3 and S4 sat the Intermediate paper this year. 36 pupils achieved certificates.  A particular mention goes to Laura Smith from S3 who achieved a Gold certificate and the Best in School award.   Other gold award winners are Jordan Matthews, Scott Griffin and Damon Ogg.


The 17 Silver certificates were achieved by Jennifer Ricketts, Alice Marshall, Evie Clephan, Ben Hessell, Joshua Williams, Brice Ledingham, Ross Benton, Amy Doggett, Bethany Wise, Eve Sealy, Jack Christie, Joanna Charnley and Laura Holdsworth from S4, and Cameron McPhail, Andrew Ziegler, Lily Walker and Andrew Wilson from S3.


Bronze certificates are awarded to Alesi Park, Iain Hay-Higgins, Ross Maclean, Iain Ross, Ramanish Ravishankar, Daniel Probyn, Tess Bentley and Kirsty Cameron from S4, and Calum Mackintosh, Jovita Fawcett, Lucy Grimble, Jenny Lusby, Vicky Thomson and Charis Keir from S3.