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Friday Group

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Friday 23rd August 2019

Today we had our first outing to the woods. We walked up after break and explored the woods whilst doing a few activities. When we first arrived, we had to find something beginning with the letter of our name. In a circle we had to introduce ourselves and what we had picked, when the next person went they had to say all the names before them and what they had picked. This helped us to get to know everyone.

Another activity was to find as many tiny natural things as we could and put them into a spool. We then emptied these out onto a white sheet and looked at what everyone collected. As part of our RSPB wild challenge we used the magnifiers to get a closer look at some of our items and drew them. We have stuck these in our outdoor learning jotter.

At lunch time we got a hot drink make on Kelly Kettles and then we helped to build a new outdoor toilet area.  

Friday 30th September

Today in the woods we learnt how to light and extinguish our own 5 minute fires safely. We used flint and steels, cotton wool and Vaseline. We talked about how to keep safe when around fire.

For lunch we had hotdogs and onions cooked on the fire and toasted marshmallows.  

Friday 6th September

In the woods today we used our senses to get closer to nature.  We looked for different small items and when blindfolded we had to guess what our partners item was, describing what we were feeling before we guessed. We then silently had to put ourselves into colour groups, size order, texture groups and into groups of where we grow.

For lunch we had pasta with tomato sauce and s’mores.

Friday 13th 2019

We went to the Burn o’ Vat today and read the story We are Going on a Bear Hunt. As we walked, we put on blindfolds at certain points and were very quiet. We described the sounds we could hear and then completed a worksheet drawing the things we could hear, like the wind, the river, birds and the trees. When we got into the Vat, we explored the waterfall.

After lunch we used different foods to create paint. We used mustard powder to make yellow, spinach to make green, coffee to make brown and other foods to make other colours. We then painted a picture of the scenery.

Friday 20th September

We were back in Captain’s wood today and read the story Hamish McHaggis and the lost prince. Afterwards we had to pick an animal from the story to make out of leaves. We will stick these pictures in our jotters. We then played Who am I? with the animals from the stories.

Today for lunch we had baked potatoes with beans and cheese or tuna wraps.

Friday 27th September

In the woods today we read the story Stick Man. Stick Man is mistaken for various things in the story. He was a mast for a sail and a sword amongst other things. We then had to find a nature prop and use our imagination to come up with what it was. For example, some moss which was the wig of a performing caterpillar.

We also made our own on Stick Man and completed the Stick Tower challenge, with two teams competing to see who could make the tallest free-standing stick tower using only sticks and string.

For Lunch we had lentil soup and ham sandwiches and jam donuts for pudding.

Friday 4th October

We continued our story theme today by completing tasks linked with George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. We completed a scavenger hunt through the woods, collecting a variety of items linked to our learning from previous weeks. We listened to a chapter of the book, where George created a potion for his grandmother using all the things he could find around the house and farm. The pupils then created their own potions from woodland items and shared it with the group before drawing their potions in their outdoor books. We played some water based team games and had chicken noodle soup, fruit and marshmallows for lunch.

Friday 1st November

Today in the woods we made journey sticks. We found a stick and attached items we found on our walk with wool. Using different colours of wool and a variety of items, we made some colourful journey sticks. After lunch, we completed a mapping activity, making a map of the woods.

We also left Ms Taylors pumpkins in the woods, for the squirrels to nibble.

For lunch we had tomato soup and ham and cheese sandwiches.

Friday 8th November

It was cold when we were up in the woods today. Around the fire we practiced some knife skills and whittled points on sticks and peeled the bark off them. This is preparation for making some little Christmas gnomes.

We also made some leaf masks. Using different coloured and shaped leaves we were able to make different patterns on our masks.

For lunch we had pasta and sauce and had donuts for pudding.  

Friday 15th November

Today was a more relaxed outdoor learning session as we were based around the school building. We split into two teams and each team read a story. We then had to make a story board of our story with natural objects on the ground. Once we were done, we had to guess which story the other team had read. Afterwards we collected some sticks to make mini shelters in the afternoon.

We also made chocolate dipped apples and covered them in sprinkles to eat at the end of the school day.