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Wednesday Group

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Wednesday 11th September

We learned about fire making skills and how to be safe around fire. All pupils light their own five-minute fire using a flint and steel, collected sticks of different sizes and cotton wool. We are beginning to build up our knowledge of how to respect nature around us and how we can leave no trace of our work in the woods.

We experimented with natural paints by using food and natural materials. The palette of colours we created was impressive, especially as we used only a few things. We used our paint to paint a flag for a game we will play.

Wednesday 4th September

Our focus today was on using tools and natural materials to build shelters. We looked at three different types: Lean To Shelter, Survival Shelter and Tepee Shelter. Working in small groups, pupils built one type of shelter. We focussed on team working skills, negotiating and communicating effectively. Pupils are beginning to take some responsibility for setting up the woodland camp and completing camp jobs. We continued our knife skills today by learning how to make a simple gnome. Our game was ‘Who Am I’ to introduce learning about native Scottish wildlife.

Wednesday 28th August

It was our first visit to Corsee Woods, so we played a variety of games to help us explore the new environment. We selected mystery natural objects for our partner to guess and using our senses we described what we could feel.

It was an introduction to tools today, so we watched a demonstration before having a go at using the tools ourselves. All of us successfully used a Laplander to cut a wood slice, which we then decorated. Safety in the forest is a big priority so we thought carefully about this before using woodland knives for the first time. We learned about whittling and used this skill to whittle a stick for our marshmallows. We recorded our learning in our jotters.

Wednesday 18th September

We explored the area of Hazelhead today and learned about recycling and litter, thinking about the part we can play in making our world a cleaner and safer place to live. We walked through Hazelhead Woods and did some litter picking. We then headed to Hazelhead Park and searched for the different sculptures located throughout the park. After finding them all and talking about materials used and the meaning behind them, we worked in small groups to create a recycled sculpture. Only a few items were available so lots of creativity had to be used.

Wednesday 25th September

We learned about birds today, thinking about different types of feeders and nesting boxes. We went to the garden centre to look at some of these items and decided which we liked and why. As we found out from reading the information provided, some birds like different types of food and feed in different ways. They also prefer different designs of nesting boxes. In small groups we built a bird box, designed a decorative panel and transferred this to the bird box before finally varnishing it.

These boxes will be put up in the Dalvenie Care Home garden to attract birds for the residents to watch.

Wednesday 2nd October

We explored Banchory today looking for numbers in the environment. Using a number bingo sheet, we had to find a variety of different numbers throughout the village and park. We were also assigned one number and had to find natural materials that linked with it. We created an outdoor number book, thinking about all the associations with the numbers we had found and included our examples of this number in nature. We played team games on the park including football and rounders.

Wednesday 9th October

Our focus today was to design our own bedroom, choosing flooring, a bed, paint and various items we would like to include in our room. We learned about what a metre square looks like and how we can use this to work out the price of flooring. We marked out our ‘bedroom’ on the floor using metre sticks and chalk and discussed the best places within the room to put furniture. We visited some of the local shops in Banchory and selected items we liked, pricing them up and thinking about the total costs. We made a mood board in our jotters with our ideas and costings for our bedroom.