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The timetable is correct at the time of posting on this site. We will update the timetable prior to the exams. Pupils have their own individualised timetable with room and seat number for each exam. If candidates have any questions on their timetable they should see Mr Bett who will help work through any problems. It is best to do so in advance of the examination in question as rearranging on the day of the exam may be very difficult.

Absence on the day of any examination must be notified to the school as early as possible. There will be no alternative date available for sitting the examination, the candidate then enters a process called “Exceptional Circumstances”. The process involves candidates work being sent to SQA for consideration in providing a result. As we only have  ten days to deal with this process from exam date,  work held by the candidate may have to be provided promptly. The process is similar to the old appeal process but allows a wider range of material to be sampled. Mr Bett will deal with Exceptional Circumstances and will contact you as quickly after the exam has started to discuss the process. It is best, if physically possible, to sit the exam. In some circumstance we may need a medical note to confirm illness.

Unfortunately candidates can have exam disruption due to bereavement, this again is dealt with through Exceptional Circumstance. Please speak to Mr Bett who will explore options available in this circumstance.

We wish all our candidates a good holiday and some much needed space to relax but also some study time built in.

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