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S3 Spanish Film Trip ~ Zip and Zap and The Marble Gang~

3rd year pupils had the opportunity this week to go and see a British premier of the Spanish film Zip and Zap and The Marble Gang, at the Belmont cinema. Mischievous twins Zip and Zap have been sent on a business trip with their parents to a remote island. However they get lost en route and end up staying the night with the eccentric Miss Pam in her Victorian mansion. The next morning, their parents are nowhere to be found. Zip and Zap now have to unveil the island’s mysterious secret and find their mum and dad. Evoking the classic stories of J.M. Barrie & Jules Verne, the latest chapter in the Zip & Zap saga is equal parts comic book fun and mysterious adventure.  Pupils enjoyed the experience and had the chance to develop their Spanish skills by listening out for words and phrases from the dialogue and subtitles. They will work on a small homework soon to consolidate the trip. A special thanks to Miss Hunt for organising the trip & to Mrs Burt, Mrs Cobban, Niamh Taylor (S6) & Zoë Ellison (S6) for coming along and helping out.

"Total UK kindly sponsored 50 pupils from S2 to go and see Un Sac de Billes (A bag of marbles) as part of the French Film Festival at the Belmont Cinema this November.  The film relates the story of two French boys, from a Jewish family, who have to escape Occupied France during World War Two.  

It is based on true events, recounted in the memoirs of Joseph Joffo, one of the boys in the story.  The pupils found the film both moving and engaging and were grateful of the opportunity to see it as it links in to the film unit they are about to study in class.  The film was in French with English."

S2 French Cinema Trip