From understanding comes strength


Wonderful Words Week took place this term and the school library, Literacy Committee and S6 pupils hosted a week of activities to celebrate words and language.

Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day and to celebrate S1-3 classes participated in the school’s annual “Drop Everything and Read” event.   Everyone stopped what they were doing to read for thirty minutes during period three.  Pupils read a range of different genre using iPads, Kindles, mobile phones, books and magazines.

There were a number of S1-3 House competitions during lunchtimes, for which participants and spectators earned house points.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we had the semi-finals of the house Blockbusters challenge with the final between Monearn and Ternan being played on the Thursday.  Ternan were the winners – well done!

Wonderful Words Week 2016 (1st – 4th March)