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Banchory Academy has the support of a very active Parent Council. Membership of the Council consists of parents, who are always in a majority, staff and co-opted members.

The council meets approximately once a month and the members discuss a wide variety of matters relating to the school, including policy development, financial planning, staffing and pupil-related issues. Council members also play an important part in appointing senior members of staff.

We seek to represent as wide a range of parent views as possible, so please do get in touch.

About Us





Parent Council membership

Chairperson: Scott Newey

Vice-Chairperson: Linda Stromberg

Secretary: Alison Smart

Treasurer: Jeanne Ritchie


Additional Members

Trish Amundrud, Rebecca Glansbeek, Colin MacLeod, Andrea Peake

Jill Matthew, Scott Newey, Jaqueline Conroy, Katie Davies, Kate Ellison, Alison Smart, ,  Vikki Duncan, Marion Strassberg, Jeff Wallace,Jeanne Ritchie,

Click here to read our Parent Council Constitution

Next meeting 7pm, Thursday November 7th, in room 4 at the academy